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Latin American Economic Outlook (LEO) 2022: Towards a green and just transition. Launch event  15:30 16:30 Monday, 7. November 2022
Visions of Sustainable development in a 2-1.5˚ context: the Learning by Doing project 17:00 18:00 Monday, 7. November 2022
Ancestral knowledge, territorial governance, jurisdictional REDD+, actions to confront the climate crisis in Mesoamerica and the Amazon 09:30 10:15 Tuesday, 8. November 2022
Financing nature for climate   10:45 11:30 Tuesday, 8. November 2022
Forests and oceans as key biodiversity reservoirs: experiences and contributions from civil society to promote climate action in LAC 12:00 12:45 Tuesday, 8. November 2022
Debate-session: Biodiversity and climate change: challenges and actions in the agricultural, forestry and protected area sectors 14:00 15:30 Tuesday, 8. November 2022
Presentation of the results of the debate 15:45 16:00 Tuesday, 8. November 2022
Ecosystem and Landscape Restoration reducing vulnerabilities to Climate Change. Challenges and Opportunities in the SICA Region 16:30 17:30 Tuesday, 8. November 2022
Mainstreaming the Gender Approach in national climate action for resilient and low-emission development - progress, needs and practices in LAC  09:30 10:15 Wednesday, 9. November 2022
Gender equality as an indispensable axis for a just and sustainable transition, Latin American regional and territorial approach: the case of Colombia 10:45 11:30 Wednesday, 9. November 2022


The Euroclima pavilion at COP27 hosts events with specific thematic areas per day which are relevant to the Latin America and the Caribbean region and the European Union. The Euroclima pavilion events agenda includes morning discussions and the afternoon debates and high-level announcements relevant for the region.

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